About Liliana Bordallo

Liliana Bordallo has been the director of her own household services company since January 2009. The Miami, Florida-based company provides a wide variety of services for homeowners in the region, including house sitting for traveling clients, childcare, laundry service, home cleaning, and pool and general house maintenance. Liliana Bordallo also serves clients who live out of state while maintaining a residence in Florida by making certain that all household needs are met, among them gardening, plumbing, painting, and care of personal clothing.

Liliana Bordallo studied interior design at the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina. Her services extend to helping clients make design choices for their homes, and she subsequently oversees the craftsmen who implement those ideas. For those who desire general event planning and execution, Ms. Bordallo takes care of all specific needs and requests. She provides a multitude of tasks, among them ensuring appropriate event-specific decoration, catering services, entertainment, event lighting and special effects, and floral arrangements.

Liliana Bordallo has always loved beautiful homes. Formerly a piano teacher, Ms. Bordallo studied classical music for 10 years. She loves to travel and has done so worldwide; in her journeys, she has visited many of the famous museums in the world. During her travels, she makes it a practice to visit stores that deal in high-end and elegant decorative pieces. When not traveling, Ms. Bordallo finds inspiration in designer websites, including those of Fendi and Armani. A nature photographer and yoga enthusiast, Ms. Bordallo also enjoys reading and cooking healthy, organic foods at home.


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